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Pre Ruling

Pre Ruling

Along the years Shtainmetz Aminoach accounting firm gained wide experience in the pre-ruling institution with the tax authorities. Gaining pre-ruling reduces the uncertainty component and the businesses risk when it comes to complex taxing aspects.
The firm operates in conjunction with the tax authorities to achieve pre-ruling in all the relevant fields: income tax, real estate tax, VAT, international taxation, mergers and splitting. The ruling agreement achieved with the tax authorities is dual normative, both contract laws and administrative laws.

החלטות מיסוי מקדמיות - שטיינמץ עמינח ושות

When submitting a pre-ruling the firm is meticulous in guarding the client's anonymity, and only as the treatment progresses his full details are given. Achieving pre-ruling approvals is done for both our regular clients and for clients treated just for this aspect.

Trustee Services for Options, Shares and Bonds

Shtainmetz Aminoach and Co. accounting firm specializes in managing and handling trustee arrangements for employees holding share options, under Section 102 of the Israeli income tax ordinance. The trustee services include:

  • Authorizing the trustee with the tax authorities.
  • Handling the options and bonds registry to the trustee and holding them.
  • Carrying out selling and execution actions according to employees' instructions, passing the balance after the withholding tax was deducted from employees, according to the trustee terms of agreement.
  • Performing tax withholding as needed for sales, passing it to the tax authorities and reporting it by law.
  • Yearly reports to the IRS or to any statutory institution if needed.

Willing Disclosure

Another field the firm specializes in is willing disclosure in conjunction with the investigation department of tax authority.
In this activity the firm assists companies and individuals who are not among it's regular clients, on how to handle their tax reports or to report incomes which were not reported along with commitment from the tax authority and the attorney's office not to pursue criminal proceedings against them.

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Pre Ruling